Pineapple Express


The Pinapple Express is our modern interpretation of the planning hull, designed for speed, control and glide. A full straight railed outline is combined with a light tri plane hull and single concave to drive off the back foot yet be surprisingly nimble. Resting somewhere in the realm between a Simmons hull and the modern shortboard, you can enjoy this one long and cruisey or short and skatey. Happiest in surf waist to shoulder high, standard with a five box setup to be enjoyed as a twin, thruster, quad or twin plus trailer.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 5’0” – 6’6” length

Width: 19” – 22” width

Thickness: 2”¼ - 2” ¾

Fin Setup

Futures Five Box Setup

Base Model

Includes Futures boxes, 1 standard colour resin tint, 10oz x 6oz glass schedule.



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