The Karma is a versatile stoke machine. Full outlined with a light hull entry, flat underfoot flowing to a v out the tail. Ride it as a single, or a 2+1 and emanate good vibes all day long. Picks up waves and speed effortlessly and yet delivers tight rail carves and turns beautifully thanks to the increased rail rocker under your back foot. Glide and cruise or lay it on rail and hit the lip, almost too much goodness packed into a single board. Perfect daily driver for waves knee to shoulder high.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 6’0” – 7’0”

Width: 20” – 22”

Thickness: 2” ½ – 3”

Fin Setup

Futures 10" Box with Futures/FCS side bites.

Base Model

Includes Futures 10" Box with Futures/FCS side bites, 1 standard colour resin tint, 10oz x 6oz glass schedule.



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